Remembering My Daughter’s Wedding

. I remember Madeline’s wedding and how special every bit about it worked.  I remember seeing the beauty and CONFIDENCE in my daughter.  This made me happy, proud and even a little sad to see her get married.  I remember going nuts trying to get ready for the wedding on Friday.  My  mother-in-law was driving me nuts and if I were her real daughter I would scream, “PLEASE leave me alone, I can’t listen or entertain you.”   I remember calling one of Madelines’s bridesmaids and telling her how I wanted the decorations to look.  I remember thinking I would be driving later because I just wasn’t getting it together . I remember working like a dog to get this wedding ready, especially that last week.  I literally cleaned wax out of 100’s of votives and my fingernails were like only 1/4 inch long.  I was angry at myself after the wedding had taken place.  Because all of the details are just that, details!  And stuff can be crossed off and prioritized.

What don’t remember about my daughter’s wedding was where or what was I doing as everyone decorated the reception hall.  I don’t remember driving to the ceremony or who I rode with.  I don’t remember Patrick dancing with Zoe and apparently this was something to remember.  I do not remember what song Marvin sang, the groom’s father.  I don’t remember what the last song was. I don’t remember how I slept the night before or when a woke up.  I don’t remember certain things I know I did because there are photos.  Why was I lifting my leg up right before I was escorted down the aisle?  I don’t remember what color or the type of dress Barb wore.  I barely remember who danced, John & Nancy or others. I couldn’t tell you what I ate for dinner.  I don’t remember Frank’s sisters dancing because they were at the other side of the dance floor.  I don’t remember much of the chatter, What was said and by who. What I know for sure is that everyone was happy and said all the right stuff.


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